Thursday, May 1, 2008

2.0 Inch TFT Screen MP3 Radio + FM Alarm Clock

This is a pretty cool "device" from China. Yes, it's cube-shaped. Although it is primarily an alarm clock, it does so much more. With one gigabyte of storage capacity, it plays MP3s, WMAs, and AVIs on the built in stereo speakers. On top of that, it has 2.0-inch full-color LCD screen that can play MP4 videos and view. The LCD has a not-so-bad 220 x 176 resolution considering the size of this thing. It also works with SD cards to add a little bit of extra storage. In addition, it plays FM radio stations and reads e-Books. This cubic-alarm-clock-mp3-video-player-thing seems to pack it all for being so small. It's available in white or black for $88 at Shop Kami. It's up to you whether the features outweigh the price for an alarm clock.


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