Saturday, May 3, 2008

U200i Watch

This has to be the most amazing watch ever. Under the clam shell is an amazing unlocked multimedia mobile phone. A 1.3 megapixel camera, Bluetooth, and a multimedia player (supporting music/videos/pics) are all packed into this little thing. Best of all, it doesn't have an LCD: that's a 1.5 inch touchscreen you're seeing on the inside. I wasn't expecting that. Externally, The steel casing looks great, but it's also available in black. Probably the funnest part of this watch is the rounded keypad. Looks pretty old school to me.

Some of the other amazing features on this watch:

•MP3/MIDI ringtones
•MP3 player with equalizer presets
•Integrated four speaker stereo sound
•E-Book Reader
JPG Viewer with photo inbuilt editor
Vioce memo functionality
•100 number telephone directory
SMS/MMS support
•Auto power off with JPG screensaver
•5 programmable alarm clocks
•Integrated health management application

The U200i only [haha] costs $234.99 here.


Thursday, May 1, 2008

2.0 Inch TFT Screen MP3 Radio + FM Alarm Clock

This is a pretty cool "device" from China. Yes, it's cube-shaped. Although it is primarily an alarm clock, it does so much more. With one gigabyte of storage capacity, it plays MP3s, WMAs, and AVIs on the built in stereo speakers. On top of that, it has 2.0-inch full-color LCD screen that can play MP4 videos and view. The LCD has a not-so-bad 220 x 176 resolution considering the size of this thing. It also works with SD cards to add a little bit of extra storage. In addition, it plays FM radio stations and reads e-Books. This cubic-alarm-clock-mp3-video-player-thing seems to pack it all for being so small. It's available in white or black for $88 at Shop Kami. It's up to you whether the features outweigh the price for an alarm clock.


Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Verizon's LG enV2

The new upgrade for the LG enV! The sophomore version is pretty stylish with a slimmer design than the previous and comes in black or maroon casings. A quick rundown: it has a keypad, Mobile Web 2.0, V CAST Music and Video, Bluetooth, 2 speakers, and a 2.0 megapixel camera.

First of all, the enV2 is a lot slimmer than the previous version (about 15%). This was a great move on LG's part. Although less emphasis has been placed on the external display, which is primarily used for phone calls, the new design looks great with the compact exterior display and keys. It has a reasonably good 2.0 megapixel camera and camcorder with a very basic image editor. Inside the phone, the 2.4 inch display and QWERTY keypad is ideal for text messaging. Instant Messaging through AIM®, WL Messenger®, and Yahoo!® is a remarkable feature offered. Although the phone can browse the internet wirelessly, it's through Mobile Web 2.0. Not my first choice for a mobile browser. The phone does works great as a media player though, and it has a nice 8GB microSD card slot for music, pictures, and videos. Through Get It Now® you can "download games, ringtones, wallpapers and more."

Other "notable" features:

• Wireless Sync E-mail (BREW® e-mail Client) capability
• Supported Bluetooth Profiles – compatible with devices that support headset, hands-free, dial-up networking, advanced audio distribution (stereo), phone book access, basic printing, basic imaging, object push for vCard and vCalendar and file transfer
• Auto view and Text to Speech, so text messages can be heard aloud
• 1,000 address book contacts with five numbers, two e-mail addresses and a Picture ID for each entry (Picture ID is dependent on photos stored in My Pictures)
• Function Key – customizable for 10 shortcuts
• Up to 320 minutes of usage time or up to 520 hours of standby time
• Hearing aid compatible (M3/T3-Rating)

LG enV2 is already available at for $130 after a $50 rebate with a new two-year contract with Verizon.


Sunday, April 27, 2008

LG Secret

The LG Secret has been announced in London. It's a sleek new slider phone from LG. The 5.0-megapixel camera phone and has been DivX certified and is sure to have great "video creation and playback, interoperability with other DivX Certified devices, and the visual quality users expect from DivX." It has a great amount of internal memory as well as compatibility with USB and microSD card for some added memory. The LG secret is slated for a May release this year.

Some key features:

• Up to 4 hours talk time
• Up to 260 hours standby time
• 2.4-inch 256k colors TFT display screen , 240 x 320 pixels
• 100 MB internal memory
• microSD card slot
• Bluetooth• play Divx video (max 640 x 480)


Sanyo Katana LX

Sanyo announced the launch of their Katana LX. The sleek Clamshell phone has a slim design that comes in several colors. It has a great quality speakerphone, GPS, Bluetooth, and a still shot VGA camera. It also has a cool OLED display on the front with a 128x160 resolution. These sleek Sprint phones are coming out soon for around $50. Although is has a great design, it doesn't do much as a media player, and I wouldn't use it for much more than voice calls and text messaging.