Monday, January 28, 2008

Leopard: Mac's Latest OS X

Mac announced on October 16 that Leopard, the latest Mac OS X, is set to release in less than three days on October 26. claims, "With 300+ new features, Leopard is the most impressive Mac OS X version yet." The upgrade to the OS X Tiger comes with a brand new slick interface and is even more user friendly than ever.

Leopard's dekstop interface has a translucent dock that includes the all new feature Stacks. Stacks organizes dekstop files into a neat stack on the Dock. Users also have the ability to change this to a grid format.

DashBoard is Mac's application for hosting mini-appplications called "Widgets" on the desktop similar to Vista's Sidebar "Gadgets." Leopard's new ability to create a widget using only HTML, CSS, and Javascript allows a widget to be made from virtually any website.

Exposé allows a user to locate a window quickly by displaying all open windows as thumbnails on the screen. To better demonstrate this: This is a great feature for the common multitasker.

Time Machine will make its debut on Leopard. It is a backup utility that is so much more comprehensive than a lot of the previous ones. It can restore an entire system in the event of a system failure and has the ability of retrieving deleted files or folders.

Spotlight is Mac's search service that can find not only files, but pictures from iPhoto, email from Mail, and contacts from Address Book. According to, Spotlight includes, "Boolean logic, quoted phrase searching, category labels, and range support." Leopard's new addition is the support for file searching across a network on a different Mac.

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