Monday, January 28, 2008

Asus' Eee PC

For under $400, this is a great Ultramobile PC for Internet browsing and word processing. It's productivity combined with size and design is more than you would expect from a UMPC. Although I wouldn't use it as a primary laptop, it seems to be a great on-the-go computer perfect for traveling and commute.

The 7-inch 800 x 480-pixel display isn't bad compared to other 5-inch UMPCs. But because a lot of websites are wider than 480 pixels, horizontal scrolling is required for the most part.

The space around the screen harbors a Webcam and two speakers on the left and right. The Eee PC comes with basic connectivity: 3 USB ports, VGA out, and headphone and mic jacks.

It runs on a customized version of Linux, and the preinstalled OpenOffice 2.0 is a great MS Office alternative for word processing and spreadsheets.

As far entertainment goes, it includes a media player, a few games, and an instant messaging client that's compatible with Yahoo, AOL and several other IM services.

The sound quality on the speakers isn't the best, and I would recommend the Logitech V20 Speakers as a great accesory to have when jamming out.

Most of the small 4GB hard drive space is used up on computer processing (even though Linux uses practically nothing compared to Vista.) The Transcend JetFlash USB Drive can help add 8GB of extra storage space and fix this problem.

For more info, check out the Asus Eee PC website.

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